francis w. parker robotics club

one of the most successful clubs in the united states, however n-body knows what goes on inside of room 181. the mystery of this team influences several conspiracies such as that inside the room contains a 1,000,000 gallon octopus tank. there is also a small closet in the back of the room containing a recording studio. their mascot is a 40 pound block of sp-ce junk which wears a single derrick rose signature shoe and real, gold rimmed, cartier gl-sses. they have an “unlimited budget” so they have some crazy -ss sh-t like a live alligator and 35 grams of pure gold. rumor has it that migos’ “culture” was recorded there. hillary clinton has made over 22 private speeches there. instead of seal team 6, former president barack obama sent in the fwp robotics team to kill osama bin laden. they also have a forty mile long particle accelerator in which they harvest over 30 grams on antimatter a day ($1.89 quadrillion per day). room 181 is used as a meeting room for world leaders such as president trump and president vladmir putin. rumor has it that rapper xxxtentacion and chance the rapper are recording a new mixtape in room 181.

they never catch any f-cking l’s and have a real life macedonian. room 181 basically looks like a strip club in northeast atlanta.
with a net worth of over $189.3 octillion and a history going back nearly 80 years, the francis w. parker robotics team are one of the most controversial high school clubs in u.s. history.
some fool thats not in the fwp robotics club: “did you hear that edward snowden leaked private “national security agency” files to the american people!?!

francis w. parker robotics club member: “yes, that was definitely edward snowden who did that” -wink- -wink- #culture

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