strange or frightening and ironic
the frankenironic writer was officious bigotry.

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  • dusty fruit basket

    a very tall man, above average, who loves getting head from midget women and who has a quite large danger noodle i love being a dusty fruit basket, these midgets give better head than most people think.

  • non binary woman

    a person who are comfortable with their femininity but feel dysmorphia /discomfort when referred to as a woman, therefore uses non-binary terms such as they/them. -do you use the terms she/her? -no, i identify as a non-binary woman, therefore i use they/them pr-nouns.

  • barf babe

    a babe who’s really into barf. – i f-ckin tossed my cheese all over carol, but she was into it. total barf babe.

  • tallah*sse night stick

    take your erect d-ck and slap the girl across the face with it repeatedly joe tallah-sse night sticked nicole

  • scrotie

    weak. not strong. incredibly frail. resembling the level of strength that b-lls have when hit. scrow-tee “i’d like to ask her out…it’s just that i’m scared she’s going to say no”. “oh come on dude, you’re acting really scrotie right now.”

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