a bratty little buck-toothed green-skinned “monster” who is always complaining, constantly demanding attention, never satisfied with anything, and nasally begging for items on the shelves of the department store or supermarket. just about every family has at least one of these delightful rug-rats somewhere in its “flock”; it’s just that n-body wants to admit his existence or reveal who the “ram” and “ewe” were who ever conceived this infamous “black sheep”, nor does anyone even want to be saddled with the unenviable task of being the delinquent’s “shepherd” for the day. even school days may bring little relief from his torment for the adults back at the house, since he often gets sent home from school for disruptive behavior within the first hour of attendance — the teachers and hall-monitors can’t stand to deal with him, either.
i hate attending my neighbors’ backyard barbecues because there’s inevitably at least one frankenwhine in their midst who ruins the day for everyone else.

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