frazer is a very attractive male, that gets a lot of female attention. frazer generally has a large p-n-s, but wants to use it on just one person. he has his soft side and can be very emotional. his normally a clown in his group and is extremely loyal.
oh look, thats frazer!!please g-d can i have him
0 0
one of the best names. frazer’s make the best pwnsauce.
i wish my name was frazer.
105 35
the most beastly person in the world. frazer is a great person and has a huge p-n-s. good at pulling b-tches
i was stunned at how m-ssive frazer’s p-n-s was.
81 26
frazer, frazer is another word for cool and or unique.
hey guy’s that guy over there he’s kinda looks like a frazer.
73 37
frazer- a cool guy who gets along with everyone but if you do wrong to him or anyone of his friends all h-ll is unleashed the kind of guy who will make your life h-ll.
a sweet-talker as such he knows what to say and exactly when to say it he likes to keep everyone happy but be honest. maybe not completely honest but honest as he can be. the guy who makes everybody laugh but not intentionally. he likes pretty smiles
that guy is so funny, ‘yeah dude that’s frazer’
haha, your hilarious. no i’m frazer
41 11
frazer is a name commonly known as the drug mephedrone, it is a symoblisation for a cat’s name. eg. mkat
i miss frazer
30 21
a common surname harkening back to roman times. at upscale public baths there were teams of people who would run about under the latrines who would reach up with two fingers and wipe the sweat from the patron’s taint. this act was known as “frazing”. individuals with this profession were known as “frazers” hence the name.
roman #1: what do you do for work, citizen?
roman #2: i’m a frazer.
roman #1: now i recognize those fingers!
8 7
a commonly used name for a boy who is batty.
however, not batty in the man-loving sense, but in the acting weirdly sense.
frazer is batty
37 42

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