Fred Fredburger

from the cartoon show on cartoon network called the grim adventures of billy and mandy. very popular for those who watch cartoon network and been in two episodes. he is a green elephant guy from the underworld. very annoying to everyone else sept the viewers, commonly says yes.

1. keeper of the reaper
2. be-a-fred, be very a-fred
i-i can spell my name really good. yes. f-r-e-d f-r-e-d-b-u-r-g- – -e-r. fred fredburger! yes.
the best cartoon character. he is the funniest cartoon character and deserves his own own cartoon.
fred fredburger commonly says yes and i like nachoos.
fred fredburger is a cartoon charactor from the grim adventures of billy and mandy on cartoon network.
although he was only in one episode,fred fred burger is now showing up in commercials and is becoming a hit.
no example sorry.really couldn’t think of one…
fred fredburger
a name for an inactive user who signs up for something (commonly a forum or oekaki) and never logs on or posts anything.
my forum is full of fred fred burgers.
some little green elephant with a devil tail and some rosy cheeks. is in love with nachos and frozen yougurt. and most of the time, his answer to everything is yes.
rapist: hey fred, wanna suck my b-lls?
fred fredburger: will i get some nachos?
rapist: uhhh, sure yeah!
fred fredburger: yes!

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