free puss

“free puss” refers to an easy girl to get with
“i was out with my n-gg-s gettin some free puss at the mall

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  • frelfie

    selfie +1(or however many you can fit in a camera frame) take a picture in that bathroom, the lighting is great for selfies, or frelfies

  • f*ckbungler

    f-ckbungler (n): a person who is incompetent in every capacity. they are so poor at everything, they literally cannot even f-ck correctly. hence the term, f-ckbungler. one who bungles f-cks. i had to redo the entire report, because my project partner is such an utter f-ckbungler.

  • ganga's mom

    a sl-t everybody gets to ride. the town doorkn-b. have you had ganga’s mom yet?

  • gentleman of the hood

    the polite way of referring to a english chav. commonly seen in use near effete public schools, and near oxford, it often elicits feelings of confusion in the said gentleman of the hood. chav public school i say, here comes a gentleman of the hood!

  • get the white out

    an idiom for masturbation. used in casual reference to the act, before or after. i have to get the white out before my date tonight. that girl drove me so crazy, i had to get the white out as soon as i got home.

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