another way of addressing your superior
oh sorry fri3d…

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    a donkinson is a slang word referring to a males p-n-s. “i was so excited that i slapped my donkinson out the drivers window and let it flop in the breeze.” “i was so p-ssed when she surprised me and i zipped my donkinson in my pants.”

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    the donkson isn’t so much a thing that dan is as it is an abstract idea in which he embodies. an idea that consists of various little things, sort of all tied together: underage girls and trashiness (but in a cl-ssy way). sort of a perfect melding of cl-ss and trash. it’s a way of […]

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    when you used to be friends with someone, then you stopped being friends, but eventually became friends again. three months after the break up, i decided i wanted to be friends once removed with ted.

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