tension between two people, often in a relationship (s-xual, friendship or business)
there’s so much friction between samantha and her boss lately
when two surfaces make contact and form resistance.
i got friction last night until 3 am!
not only is “friction” one of the best words, as well as most s-xual, but, come one, wonderful things come from friction…mostly -rg-sms, and what’s better than an -rg-sm? very few things.
the feeling when your d-ck is about to bust something real huge.
man: -jerks of to lindsay lohan and feels the friction-
what is created when two or more people swak.
rafal and rere were all up in each other so much that the friction caused enough static to create a lightning storm.
when you are watching television and start yelling at it.
friction: ” -watching a horror movie- common, dumb-ss, don’t go in the room! stupid b-tch, she’s gonna die”
takes the place of the word f-cking…. started by and all the friction girls and frictionheads!!
sam is late to meet up with the guys…. upon arrival, bill says… “its about friction time!!”

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