someone you feel overwhelmingly connected to who definitely isn’t your sibling or just a good friend; you would like to spend more time with this person, preferably naked, but your husband and their wife would most certainly frown upon it.
‘we are not having an affair!!!! he’s my friebling…it’s a proper defined term, go look it up!’

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    having what it takes to finish one’s own initiatives. everyone is big about taking initiatives, then leaves the job unfinished! take finitiatives!

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    when you ko somebody in a fighting game when they go afk; a d-ck move. why did you have to afko me?

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    when you feel particularly overbloated, and sometimes you can’t hold it in anymore, the word ‘harinath’ would be used as a subtle way of telling someone you need to p-ss gas. i ate too many baked beans for lunch today… i think i’m going to (whispers into friend’s ear) harinath

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