what u call someone when they do something really stupid; also means if you’ve done too many drugs
“bro, i left my keys inside my car?”
“you’re so fried dude!!”
word which describes the state of being after smoking marijuana.
i smoked a whole dub by myself. i’m so fried.
drained of energy; mentally tired.
man that cl-ss was too much. my brain is so fried.
to use some sort of hallucinogenic or dissociative drug.
we gotta get fried on sat-rday.
(slang word commonly used among the african-american community.)
“dang, she fried.”

“oooo, he be lookin fried wit that nasty hair!”
the feeling of mental and physical exhaustion following lsd use.
because of the common sensation of one’s surroundings or body vibrating during a trip, many compare this feeling to being a piece of bacon in a frying pan- sizzling away!
that trip was awesome, but god i am fried!
being made fun of or humiliated really badly
person1:(says something humiliating/funny about person 2)
person2: shutup

person 2 got fried
a way of describing someone who is compleatly crazy!
charlie sheen is seriously fried…

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