similar in use as wack. something that sucks and blows. (canadian slang)
this party is frit!
that person’s car is frit!
when you eat fruit off a girls t-ts
john: hey babe, ima frits you up tonight
karly: i love it when you do that, especially with strawberries
a fried sh-t
that dog sh-t has been lying in the sun for so long it has become a frit
verb meaning to go party

also can be descriptive like chill, sick, stoked, pumped and many others
yo derek, ready to go frit in a little bit?
a hot pr-ck.
i hate john but he’s so hot. ug, he’s such a frit.
to fry something just a little bit.
today i was frying up some chicken, but i was in a rush so i fritted them.
the milk ducts off a teenage or older female. men like to pull them and pinch them, which they think the female enjoys but actually it kinda hurts. also, babies like to suck them – see ‘bitty’.
bella: “oi betty, can i milk your frits?”

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