barraging a group chat with the same 5-6 memes, having no context to the conversation at all. not much research has been done on the subject and some believe this may be a heridatary action amongst some hobbits, ussually exaggerated by alchol.
g-d d-mn it frodo kept me up all night frodo-gasming me the same 6 memes.

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  • watrous

    a beast like creature with god-like features. with a smile so tasty, with eyes so greatly, he is a manly man and everyone fears him. (people are scared to make eye-contact with him). the magnificent watrous was running with the oxen.

  • wabbiting

    the explainable joy of bringing your upper lip high enough to show your front teeth and thus looking like a wabbit. :b she enjoys wabbiting way too much lately

  • e-wood

    electronic wood, e-mails are made from it. “i can’t email you because i’m out of e-wood”

  • splenda b*tch

    someone who is so fake to the point where you don’t even know what they’re trying to be. girl 1: oh my g-d, is that becca? girl 2: ugh, yeah, she’s such a splenda b-tch. girl 1: agreed!

  • taeveon

    a guy that will make u laugh at dumb things. you will want to be friends with him because he is so freaking funny. girls falling for him. that guy is the funniest guy i’ve ever met. u mean like a taeveon

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