fromunda wig

the wig is achieved by cutting off one’s pubic hair and carefully super-gluing it to a sleeping friend’s face in a pattern resembling facial hair. the best candidates for the wig are heavy sleepers or p-ssed-out drunkards. common hair styles include: the “western-stache”, the “hitler”, the “dom deluise”, and the “norris” after the wig is applied, photographic evidence of the occurance is preferable. desirable results include: the victim crying upon awakening, the victim not speaking to you for a period of 3-6 months, or a sudden rash around the victims mouth due to pubic lice or crabs. it is also advised to email the pictures to everyone that you know.
andy can’t grow his own beard. so, when he p-ssed-out after the party we gave him a darling fromunda wig.

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