a funny name for the v-g-n-.
open up your fruitcage, where the fruit is as sweet as can be — peter gabriel

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  • ftfol

    flipping the f-ck out laughing “have you ever tried to sleep with a twinky?” “no” “good then you’re not rosey o’donnell” “ftfol”

  • fuctuplets

    unnaturally large number of siblings born at one (i.e., quadruplets, s-xtuplets, septuplets, octuplets) created by the abuse of reproductive technology (such as taking too many fertility drugs, implanting multiple embryos). humans bodies are not built for litters of more than three, and these unfortunate kids are always born prematurely, usually suffer chronic health and developmental […]

  • fu'dat

    an expression used when dismissing a certain idea or thought. fu’dat i’m goin’ maccy d’s what the f-ck is that? acorn? fudat? stands for f-cked up dumb-ss truckdriver. my brother keefie is a fudat

  • fudge froster

    when a girl sticks her nipple into someone’s -ss after they got drunk, claire gave nick a fudge froster

  • fuginsheey

    the state of being “f-cking sh-tty” “dude thats like your tenth beer, are you okay?” “no, i’m fuginsheey!”

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