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fta: “google buys youtube”
fta = f-ck them all.
– what the f-ck fta means?
– f-ck them all! didn’t you know. f-ck all this f-cking world with all them f-cking people. fta!!!
foxtrot tango alpha. f-ck the army.
pat tillman was murdered by friendly fire, and the army lied about it.

you don’t say?

yeah, pfc lavena johnson was raped, beaten, and murdered in iraq. five years later and the army still says, with a straight face, that it was suicide.

f-ck the army.
often defined as “fun, travel and adventure” as the situation dictates.
fta man, i’m smokin some pot.
my good captain, it stands for fun, travel, and adventure, sir.
f-ck the army
smoke- “hey guy when you reenlisting”
me- “naw smoke fta”
smoke- “hey what the f-ck is that guy”
me- “f-ck the army smoke”
smoke-“what the f-ck”
for the alliance.
check fth for the opposite of fta. alliance is a faction in wow (world of warcraft) and you can be that or horde.
person 1: do you play wow?
person 2: fta!!1!!
2. f-ck the army. this was a very common grafitti often seen during the vietnam war written on walls all the way from saigon to the halls of tripoli.
let’s write f.t.a. on that wall over there in the graveyard with all the backwards swastikas.

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