ftna = for the nice -ss-s made up by msn wh-r- nonnizombie
i saw this girl she was so ftna

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  • full load

    swallowing multiple sperm loads until no sperm is left. this can involve eating sperm orally,v-g-n-lly, or -n-lly. “i wanna take a full load.”

  • full of p*ss and vinegar

    slang meaning “full of energy.” she’s like the energizer bunny, always full of p-ss and vinegar.

  • funjaculate

    to reach a point of climax by performing a task or experiencing a moment of fun or joy. he enjoyed the tool concert so much, the hypnotic melodies caused him to funjaculate at that very instant.

  • fyj

    abbrevation: f-ck you joe. used only in its entirety, never with any other words in the same sentence, however variations with commas and exclamation marks do exist. f-ck you joe.

  • faaff

    when said quickly, an inoffensive way to advise someone to ‘f-ck off’. best used discretely so that only people close to you can hear it, and not the intended victim. even funnier when the intended victim thinks they can hear it, but can’t be sure, so they take no action. however, if victim is being […]

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