ftt is the abbreviation to the increasingly popular axiom “f-ck the tards”, tards being melbourne victory supporters, coaches, players and generally anyone from victoria who displays stupidity within the context of football.
we are playing the tards in 4 days, fire up!
ftt! ftt!
for the team.
“aye bro can you be my dd?” “yeah fashoo bro.” “ayee ftt.”
frank the tank
f-ck the troll
yoyo ftt babe ftt

esp joining an online game.
it means full toilet training, its an s&m thing.
ftt available to very naughty slaves…
“for the team!”

for when youre not that #1 guy that gets to yell “ftw!”, but d-mn sure helped the team win
“i killed like seven of those noobs before gordonfreeman capped the flag. i didnt get the point for the cap but ftt, man”
forgive the tangent. coined by youtube star, michael buckley, a.k.a. whatthebuck
-talking about sarah palin-
guy 1: i just hate b-mper stickers! i don’t care if your kid is on the honor roll! ftt!

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