used to insult and shock

for unlawful carnival knowledge
fuccking h-ll

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  • twinket

    the female version of a twink »oh look, that tiny girl, it’s the schools lesbian twinket!«

  • on your head

    that they are cracking jokes about you she on your head boy, you better not let her talk to you like that.

  • Levi Ackerman

    a really f-cking short lil sh-t who has no emotion and loves to clean. levi ackerman is a real buzzkill. this f-cker just loves to kick people in the kidneys, because that’s as high as he can reach. humanity’s strongest and humanity’s shortest, this man is scary because one wrong move and you are getting […]

  • pee pee burn

    when you get a raging b-n-r and it rubs against you pants creating pee pee burn pee pee burn is very self explanatory wheb you get a raging b-n-r and it rubs against you pants causing pee pee burn. pee pee burn is self explanatory.

  • White girl Christmas list

    ugs moccasins starbucks yoga pants and a white and gold iphone6 guy: d-mn girls and their white girl christmas list girl: don’t judge me in moccasins and yoga pants make me look hot

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