fuck away

f-ck off and go away!
1: “but if i do that the christmas tree will be cropped out of the picture!”
2: “that’s just too bad~”
1: “f-ck away!”
to tell someones to ‘f-ck off’ or ‘go away’ hence ‘f-ck away’. used by a group of people consisting of james gary and timo which tend to make up stupid things like that a lot
bob: can i have a bite of your apple pie
jim: no, f-ck away bob, you cannot have a bite of my apple pie
to go away with more emphasis
jim: can i come on the trip to the zoo
gary: of course not, f-ck away
timo: that wasn’t nice
gary: you f-ck away too buddy
f-ckaway: to plan a getaway, mini vacation where the soul purpose is to spend as much time as humanly possible f-cking and enjoying each others pleasures and p-ssions. you stop only for beverages, snacks and to change positions or locations.
went to the cottage for a f-ckaway last week, we f-cked for two days straight, every room, the picnic table, the dock, and the lawn were violated!
1. to p-ss the time by f-cking.
2. to continue f-cking.
3. to loiter around.
1. he f-cked away the evening yesterday.
2. he can f-ck away for hours.
3. the loafers would f-ck away all day.
a getaway where the sole purpose is to f-ck the person you’re on the getaway with. you can stop for meals and sleep, but otherwise you should have s-x the entire time.
“where are you going this weekend?”
“my friend with benefits and i are going on a f-ckaway and we’re having s-x for hours.”
when due to situational circ-mstances, or in respect to developing events, the outlook is bleak, expectations are dashed and/or an undesirable outcome is achieved.
you better get upstairs and turn off the oven if you don’t want to f-ck away a whole pan of brownies!

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