a vulgar nasty ignorant piece of sh-t.
your such a f-ckal.

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  • Cuntitous

    an infectious disease that wreaks havoc on the body that turns the entire person into a unbearably annoying c-nt who no one enjoys being around. also referred to as having “the itous.” nick, you suck, did you catch c-nt-tous? yeah, you definitely have the itous

  • Ringo Picker

    someone who likes to pleasure -n-s with their fingers, this could sometime refer to the extraction of stinking b-tt crusts. to pick the ringo, means to insert the fingers into an -n-s. common slang in wales, uk. ringo starr. jeffo: oiii cuzzy, what you been up to fam? big al: mans been chilling with the […]

  • wuck job

    when someone licks/sucks someone’s else’s wenis. dude emma just gave me a wuck job. river, let me give you a wuck job. i’ll give you a wuck job if you go to formal with me.

  • chipothoe

    someone who trades s-xual favors for a delicious chipotle meal did diana really blow that guy for a burrito bowl? she’s such a chipothoe.

  • interdisciplinary

    a buzzword used by schools and inst-tutions to make a course or project sound fancier or more complex than it really is. my interdisciplinary geology course was the weirdest mix of geology and psychology students – n-body knew what was going on.

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