an extremely, over the top stupid person!
man, you like ohio state, you sure are a f-cking-ssholemoronicr-t-rd!

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  • Dr Maury Pooper

    any jewish proctologist. i’m sure glad i went and saw dr maury p–per.

  • drooloron

    drooling r-t-rded moron with a bib and plexigl-ss covering his eyes to prevent fork stabs. people who burn through content then b-tch, whine and complain when there is nothing more to do at top level in a mmorpg.


    used in reference to the concept of killing lakonky for use of his body as a sacred item. while normaly a sentence, it was deemed important enough to become its own word. hey, let’s f-ckinkilllakonkyandusehisdeadbodyasatotem!

  • Chop-ish

    a significant other (male/female) who isn’t quite your ‘chop’. you barely know him/her, yet you strive to learning more about this person; then if satisfied, they have become your chop. matt: yo, i heard you were talking to that nicole girl a lot, what’s up with that? sabastyan: yeah man, she’s my chop-ish. i’m still […]

  • Chop it

    code and slang for doing any sort of drug you can chop up and snort “aye, i got 40 in it chop it”

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