f-cklier someone that is f-cking uglier and more unf-ckable than the person you call fugly (f-cking ugly)
he is f-cklier than katy hopkins

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  • og local

    t-county def. : local old school f-ckboi. someone you have know for a long time and use to and still is a f-ckboi. i don’t want people to know who this guy is. so, what should i save his contact as in my phone? umm how about og local .

  • c*m sniper

    a g-y man, usually a chris who intercepts a mans load. i was about to shoot my load on my girlfriend , but that c-m sniper chris intercepted it with his face.

  • siberiancandidate

    president that is a puppet of russia. trump is putin’s #siberiancandidate.

  • chicago honeymoon

    having s-x with your best friends sister while taking a sh-t back and forth and eating sausage while your racist grandma reads dutch love poetry to you while in chicago, illinois johnny decided to have a chicago honeymoon since he was there with stephanie.

  • bwuana

    a swahili word that means boss or master 😉 my bwuana is a real leader!

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