much like f-cktastic but used sarcastically.
the designer of this gui did a f-cktastical job.

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  • fuckwad

    an individual who is beneath contempt. a despicable person listen–i don’t even want to think about that f-ckwad. used to go beyond just being a “f-cker” or a “f-cking idiot,” but this person (or animal in some cases) is so stupid they are a “f-ck wad” your are suck a “f-ck wad” joey. a stupid […]

  • Fuck Your Couch

    to do something so bold simply to be an -sshole. the phrase began on an episode of dave chappelle, in which rick james utterly destroyed eddie murphy’s couch, causing eddie and his brother, charlie murphy to completely pwn rick by the way of a beatdown administered to his legs. rick james grinds mud into eddie […]


    acronym for f-cking racist wh-r- who sleeps with sl-ts all the time girl: racist boy: stop it or i’ll use do it. girl: you wouldn’t boy: say it one more time, i dare you. girl: it’s not worth it – boy: – that’s what i thought – girl: – cos blacks aren’t worth the effort […]

  • facebukoholic

    addiction towards facebook. she was a facebukoholic

  • Botherface

    montreal slang term to design a woman who might or might not be good looking, but annoys the h-ll out of you. oh f-ck, here comes botherface stacey….f-ck!

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