fuego prince

a fuego prince is created when the sweetest, most genuine guy gets tired of bullsh-t and wakes up one morning with a bad-ss, s-xy positive att-tude and goes about his day with his head held up high. fuegos are s-xy gentlemen and can sometimes be spotted writing music and creating what sounds like s-x on their guitar. when first becoming a fuego prince, money is spent on s-xy new clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous things that make fuego feel good. no regrets because fuego truly deserves the s-xy items that make him happy. becoming a fuego prince also may result in beard growth, hairstyle changes and piercings that fit well with the fuegos newly found att-tude.

not everyone can become a fuego prince, in fact there is only one recorded case held by a nick.
fuego princes are the best kind of friend out there, they become one of the most important people in your life.

ladies, beware. if your legs become numb and wet things start to happen, you can bet your bottom dollar that fuego prince is in your presence. due to the numbness in your legs, your knees will give away and hit the floor and you will find yourself on your knees in front of fuego, if you are worthy. don’t be afraid if this happens, you should consider yourself lucky because you are in the presence of a prince. a fuego prince.
oh sh-t look at nick, he’s looking good!
who’s nick? that’s fuego prince!

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