meaning that something is really radical
that party was f-kngrvn

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  • ferniculation

    the act of ferniculating, can refer either to the vertical movement up and down a slope or mountain, or to any s-xually related verb. m: dude, did you just see that hot girl! s: yes! i think i’m feeling some ferniculation coming on!

  • Funky Button (The Funky Button)

    street slang for the cl-torous. can i play with your funky b-tton (the funky b-tton)

  • fybah

    stands for f-ck yall b-tches and hoes… came from the one and only matt kerns from ptown man i hate u chicks… fybah!

  • Faggodex

    like a pokedex, but for f-ggots. d-mn. i’d need a f-ggodex just to identify you.

  • Faggina

    a h-m-s-xuals b-tthole when stretched out when after interco-rs- toreys f-ggina was stretchier then elastic 2 more definitions a gay guys -ss hole. that guy’s walking funny, he must of had his f-ggina pounded. (n.) someone being so annoying they are acting f-g-like and also whining like a b-tch, that’s where the gina from v-g-n- […]

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