f-ku-tan means queen of horse c-ck, it also means prince of -n-l.
“i want to be your f-ku-tan daddy!”

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  • fish-bugs

    when a women’s v-g-n- has a strong fishy odor. “did you smell that?” “yeah, that b-tch had fish-bugs”

  • exclusively dating

    mutual feelings to each other. not really in a relationship at this point but with high posibility of long term. no commitments yet but shows respect to its potetial by not seeing anyone else. sometimes even avoids interactions with others that would represent an opportunity. ryan & april are exclusively dating but not in a […]

  • chanay

    the opposite of a chode. an extra skinny and long p-n-s. have you seen tanner’s chanay?

  • dinner bell p*ssy

    a v-g-n- so stretched out that s-x is akin to ringing a dinner bell is called dinner bell p-ssy. the guys wondered if susie had a dinner bell p-ssy after dating the basketball team.

  • tad-tad

    when someone is being a little b-tch then you call them a tad-tad b-tch: hey guys i have a 420 gauge shotgun you:hey you f-ckin tad-tad that’s impossible

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