through reality or artificiality, a pseudo-nirvana in the lands of funk.
i was tripping last night, and i swear, i went to funktropolis.

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  • Bufted

    combination of busted and buff. an ugly buff girl. generally a girl who works out to make up for being ugly. in some cases the ugliness is emphasized by the buffness and increased testosterone. that burly chick is bufted ugly.

  • Bulemic-amnesia

    binge eating and forgetting to purge “that girl has a case of bulemic-amnesia”

  • prosciutto parachute

    over sized v-g-n- lips did you see the prosciutto parachute on that stripper?

  • protung

    p-ssy poontang used by snoop dog in dr. dre’s chronic on the track “b-tches ain’t sh-t” i was in love like a m-th-f-cka lickin’ the protung

  • proverbial

    descriptor for something about to be referred to as cliché, stale, or trite. bored, he decided to surf the proverbial ‘net all night long and check his email instead of finishing his term paper. 1. a heavy drinking session s’all about the proverbial on sat-rday! messeh

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