a nickname for a person with a small d-ck.
girl: that guy last night was such a funnell

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  • Fuo-ka

    fat, up on coochie area! kimmi has one big as fou-ka!lol

  • Greenaway

    a word for when a girl still has pants on and your finger her and it gets her so wet that it soaks through. guy 1: i just fingered that girl while she was still wearing her panties and made her so wet it soaked through guy 2: you mean you greenaway’d her?

  • Miranda-ism

    when you do something and someone else does the same thing but you make an excuse to justify what you are doing is right. me “you drank my beer” you “but you drank my beer!” me “but that’s different” you “hey, that’s a miranda-ism and you’re wrong”

  • Micronegro

    a word used to describe a small but awesome person! cory was tom’s micronegro!

  • cellular telecomunicational device

    muh cell phone or beeper hey my cellular telecomunicational device is a ringin.

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