a couch that can convert into an uncomfortable bed, possibly the worst transformer of all time.
“you can sleep on the futon!”
“can i sleep on an actual bed instead?”
another word for an asian.
“hey, those d-mn futons forgot to give me duck sauce.. again!”

“that b-tch had a cute face for being such a flat -ssed futon”
the sitting furniture in your room/ dorm room where your friends can sit and hang out. also, it is a make out spot for people as well.
ashley: it was an intresting night last night.

me: what happened?

ashley: my roommate had s-x with her boyfriend on the futon.
a style of bedding with a folding wooden base and cotton-stuffed mattress the name of which sounds like a poshed-up version of an activity that often takes place upon it.
i was fu’d on my futon or
i was f-cked on my f-cked-on
a word that when spoken with a slight french accent gives the same appeal as the word ‘s-x’…. or even ‘s-xy’
ollie: oooo j’adore futon

becki: mmmm you’re overly futony
-n- one that gets incredibly uncomfortable over time
“d-mn, that b-tch is a futon”
a couch that can be unfolded into a bed and vice-versa. possibly the cheapest and most efficient piece of furniture ever. also good for dry-humping at parties.
i could have done that chick on the futon, but we had to move because her grandma wanted to go to bed.

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