Future Funk

first wat the funk is future funk!?

funk is latin for fumigare which means to smoke which later evolved into meaning something smelly and smoky… kinda like dank -ss kush!!!-air horn sirens-

funk is also a term used by african american jazz musicians in the 60s for a genre of music in which musicians would get down and boogy! this of course happens when you let the spirit of jazz inside your booty – it can be fun when its consensional. funk music was mainly popular in the 70s along with disco and afros and bell bottom pants with the boots with the fur the whole club was staring at her this music made people hit the floor next thing ya know shawty got low then in the 80s the drum machine and synthesizer changed funk forever

lets also not forget disco demolition night in 79 where 50000 people blew up discofunk records in the name of rock music ya know just a bunch of white people blowing up africanlatingay roots music rituallistically infront of the eyes of millions on television – im sure that didn’t have any long lasting repurcussions of any kind
afterwards funk kinda died for 30 years because most record labels didn’t wanna pay black bands anymore cuz with the rising popularity of rap music it was easier to pay one rapper than a whole band – ya know systematic racial economics. basically future funk! is like vaporwaves more outgoing trendy cousin who likes to go to the beach while drinking pepsis in a vintage bikini while driving a 1985 red corvette in toyko yo
frank: hey have you listened to that future funk song selfish high heels?

skylar: that one by yung bae? yah i’ve listened to it. its some goodsh-t

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