common abbreviation for the george washington university.
i’m going to g-dub for graduate school.
the best d-mn president.

a.k.a. george w. bush
g-dub is simply the best. did you see that f-ck wit kerry try and beat him? the only people who voted for him were liberal losers who don’t understand simple political concepts.
loose term for someone who is the best.
did you check out steve?! he is the gdub of basketball
g dub is an abbreviation for a drum & b-ss/jungle production duo known as generation dub consisting of adam tindill and jake carter.
ima listen to some dnb, yea check that new tune wit’ chase & status and g dub
name for the indoor water park resort “great wolf lodge”. severel locations across united states as well as canada
i went to g dubs on the weekend and we had a riot on the water slides
gangsta, gangsta! (which is dubble g’s)
gangsta, gangsta (g dub)- a song by lil’ scr-ppy
rybo so g dub he eats cereal without da milk.
dub gangster
dj gdub music is so b-ss heavy
you can feel the vibrations in

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