is were you are on point with appearance,looks,your status,and/or game towards women
man i am g-sixin right now, or that cat is g-sixin it man

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    acronym for “giggle so hard i wet my pants” funnier than lol but not as funny as lmf–. guy: knock knock! girl: who’s there? guy: boo! girl: boo who? guy: don’t cry, it’s just me! girl: ahh! gshiwmp!

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    a brand of running shoe usually for minimalist runners. a lot of forefoot and midfoot runners use theses shoes. people who hate heel striking buy these shoes. joe: wow nice inovs, i heard those are the best for forefoot running. chris: yeah, i think my inovs improved my running form a lot. now i can […]

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    the autobot city on cybertron we’le patch vector sigme directly into iacon

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    salva – french band salva – sweedish for ointment salva – spanish for safe salva curador – eq2 player (fun guy) salva has been known to bring good luck to people stueee…… stu is all pale!!! hes all pale like a piece of yeti poo! paler than poo, which is actually brown, but for this […]

  • but loogie

    the little piece of sh-t that comes out when you have to fart but then realize that you have to take a dump cause you pushed too hard. jeff had to drive home fast before the but loogie made a skid mark on his shorts

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