gafluga is a simple word in my understanding it means crazy
man the prices here are gafluga

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  • springboarding

    the act of coming to a pregame or social gathering without bringing anything, just to get the free food/booze before going out to the actual party you were planning on attending. oh my god, are your floormates coming to our party? they are totally just springboarding before going out to the frats. man, last time […]

  • smexyine

    someone who is smart, s-xy, and fine all in one elvis is so smexyine. he is smart, s-xy, and fine.

  • water my plants

    a term used in place of a s-xual act so you can hide it from one’s patents. hey skylar, you wanna water my plants this weekend?

  • owen dewire

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  • francis tyson

    s-xy, gentle man, every girl would love to be his girl. if your not his friend you don’t have friends because everyone is his friend. he’s also great in bed i was with this guy last night he must of been a francis tyson

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