the act of typing with no errors and correct and exact punctuation, such as this sentence.
gagetyping such as this: tanner, you are the coolest person i know. lol.

(horrible i know)

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  • gangsta nation

    consider this an invitation to mah gangsta nation. na na na na nana nana.

  • garden p*n*s

    a sneaky, slithering serpent that is known to hide in bushes, specifically in taco bell drive-thrus. hey kareem! look at that garden p-n-s! it’s just a d-ck in the bushes!

  • gas filter

    whipping out your d-ck to a girl so your d-ck can be sucked. man, i just put my gas filter in your girl’s mouth

  • g*yslinger

    a p-ss-happy, metro-s-xual quarterback friend: tom brady brady is a freaking gunslinger! me: i think you mean a gayslinger.

  • g.d.f.s.t.i.h.s!

    (g-d d-mn f-ck-ng snipers, this is horse sh-t!) a term usually said when one is playing call of duty and continually gets snipped “tim was g.d.f.s.t.i.h.s! all night dude. i think he broke his tv.

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