a tall awkward woman
she’s a gagglestrang

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  • coathanger poo

    a large and hard poo that will only go down if first broken up with a coathanger. d’arcy finished the block of cheddar and knew he would need to go to macys and steal some coathangers. tomorrow would be a coathanger poo kind of day.

  • dragon press

    a form of g-y man s-x when you put the tips of said p-n-ses together at the heads until you have a super saiyan d-ck experience carl and johnny spent all night dragon pressing and said it was great

  • ysad

    short for ” your such a d-ck” said to people who are being a mean pain in the -ss felisha- ” you and daniel are nothing alike, you should like break up.” jenna- ” felisha what the f-ck. ysad

  • ray short

    cardboard cut-out of walter white. guy: hey look that children’s birthday party has a ray short

  • dylan phoenix

    a mother f-cking beast that has a gigantic p-n-s. built asf, tall asf, and can bench more than you. if you try to step up he will sit you right back down. “never step up to dylan phoenix he will destroy you!”

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