g-n-l, also known as gaynal, is a combination of gay and -n-l that refers to two men having -n-l s-x with each other.
in simpler terms, gay -n-l s-x.
“i heard tim and steve got together last night and had hardcore g-n-l.”
“really? i thought tim was having g-n-l with rob.”
a version of h-m-s-xual intercourse in which one man sticks his c-ck into another man’s -ss crack.
wow. i’d love to give brad pitt some g-n-l!
adj., a mix between gay and -n-l, basically means you’re the ultimate gay man
that horne kid is so g-n-l!
is the act of having gay -n-l s-x
justin gets g-n-l s-x every night
g-n-l is something really gay. g-n-l is a combination of gay and -n-l. it is a verb like “i just g-n-led guerrero”.
jordan smith g-n-ls people ’cause he’s gay

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