blocking the p-ssage of something through use of wizardry and copious amounts of staff waving. also, basically just not letting anything through, ever.
dude, the republican’s are totally gandalfing obama’s every move. it’s like they just don’t like him or something.

how did your date go?

it was great, but she totally gandolfed me at the end. i think i saw her delete me out of her phone after i tried to give her a good night screw.
the result of lighting a pipe perfectly as to keep the weed or tobacco burning without subsequent lighting attempts.
here, hit that bowl quick, its gandalfing
the term used when someone driving -ssumes it is okay to indicate or directly change lanes before looking in their mirrors.
this confident action was named after gandalf from the lord of the ring films. -ssuming that he or she is the superior on the road and that others on it “shall not p-ss”, hence the name, gandalfing.
it is usually subtly mentioned by a p-ssenger when they notice the driver committing this.
“gandalf” – said under your breath when you notice them do it.
alternatively, “are you gandalfing?” or,
“did you just gandalf?”
verb; to gandalf.
is the act of denying an opponent’s p-ss, shot or cross during compet-tive play by means of solid blocking.
is most notably and skilfully executed by unsw women’s football players.
‘did you see her? she totally gandalfed the sh-t out of that nowra chick’s shot’
“look at how bad apia are at gandalfing”
when a guy is t-tty-f-cking a girl, and when he c-ms, he c-ms on her chin and gives her a beard (like gandalf).
a: “hey man, guess what? i’m about to go gandalfing”
b: “you’re about to do what?!”
a: “gandalfing. i’m about to go t-tty-f-ck a girl, c-m on her chin, and give her a beard… like gandalf!”
b: “dude, nice!”
to be so g-ssy that you feel that you are able to make a ship out of the gas that has just excreted from your -n-s.
i am gandalfing the nina right now….everyone watch out

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