a girl or woman, or birl (boyish girl), or confused young man who resembles velma from scooby doo and or janeane garafalo, and is anti feminine, annoying, doesnt shave pits or legs and says too many sarcastic things
daria, janeane garafalo, you if you’re a sarcastic feminist with hairy pits
1. an exclamatory word used to inject emotion after something either a:very exciting happens b: a very funny happens or c: something dissappointing/awful.
synonyms: aww shucks, cr-p, fluff, f-ck, shoot, sh-t, poo, that’s unfortunate,awesome!, grand! etc.
stacy: garafalo! i just got $300 from my boss!
julie: wow, why?
stacy: i worked for 7 days straight
julie: oh… garafalo
stacy: haha, yea.. now i’m lookin up lolcats to feel better
julie: garafalo!

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