a word that means garbage or trash usually used when roasting someone if used by the right person can end a roast battle as such kid1:kys kid no one likes you kid2:wit r u tlking bout kid ur garbeno you
your garbeno boi.

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  • boina

    australian – a baked bean and cheese toasted sandwich. often embellished with condiments like hot sauce beggy cook me a boina, i got h-ll bad munchies

  • miojo

    a word used as compliment by intimate persons you are the miojo of my life hi dude, yooooou are so miojo today winter is miojo miojo me

  • great f*ck

    sam winchester. sam winchester was a great f-ck, but i’m pretty sure that i’m going to die because i had s-x with him.

  • sameilar

    when you want to say same, and similar, but you can’t decide and just need to say something, so your brain is an idiot and spits this out. “bro, we got lit” “sameilar fam!”

  • taliban c*ck

    when you jerk off don’t have any tissues so you rap your d-ck with toilet paper, making it look like a member of the islamic fundamentalist group. no tissues? i guess i’m gonna have to go with taliban c-ck again tonight.

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