usually has the distinct smell of pot smoke, weed is plentiful and cheep, a gathering place of wh-r-s, a holding sp-ce for people lacking points in the iq department, people either dressing as an emo child or an american eagle prep, super center of child obesity which isn’t macdonald’s.
dude this sucks, i live in a gardiner town.
a piece of sh-t town in central maine. the go-to place for stoners and junkies. populated mainly by american eagle-wearing wh-r-s and forty-something losers that still hang out with teenagers. a place where there’s absolutely nothing to do but smoke weed and fight about absolutely nothing. a stupid town where everyone knows your business. basically the epitome of a worthless and miserable existence.
person 1: i’m so baked right now, man.
person 2: you must have gone to gardiner.

gardiner is a pathetic excuse for a town.

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