the look on one’s face after taking a substantial amount of ecstasy, as the eye lids droop down to exactly the midway point on the eyeball, making the ecstasy user closely resemble the garfield cartoon character.
hey, check out that guy on the dancefloor! he’s rolling so hard he’s f-ck-ng garfielding!
female snoogling is called garfielding
when two girls line up just right during the act of scissoring and thier lips connect creating a suction much like a toilet plunger… this is called garfielding due to the resemblance of garfields mouth.
dude, i was at bike week and these two chicks started garfeilding on the bar! they had the suction so tight it took two bikers to pull them apart!
garfielding female snoogling plunging
to receive oral s-x whilest eating lasagna.
john told me he spent last night garfielding. i’m not friends with john anymore.

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