garota de programa

meaning “prost-tute”
literally “girl with a program”

“fazer programa”
meaning: offering her services as a prost-tute
voce e garota de programa?
are you a prost-tute?

voce faz programa?
are you available (as a prost-tute)?
from brazilan portuguese, it translates into english as a “young girl of the program”, in this case the “program” refers to their welfare program.

with already high unemployment, a young girl on welfare with children to feed, spare time and limited skills might turn to the oldest profession on the planet.
“ela esta uma garota de programa?”
“nao, ela esta uma trabalhadora normal.”

“is she a prost-tute?”
“no, she works a normal job.”


“ela esta uma garota?”
“is she a young girl?”
(it is retorical, she is obviously an extremely pretty young girl, so the question really is: “will she expect to be paid?”

or more directly,

“ela faz o programa?”
“does she work the program”

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