a young woman possessing the following traits: intelligence, talent, strength, beauty, and comp-ssion.
a girl who wants to be on student council should be a role model. she should be a garrison.
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a s-x god that can make women moan with erotic pleasure with his huge p-n-s!! then he can make them happy and laugh right after he f-cks the sh-t out of them.
did you see that guy i had last night? he was a complete garrison…
a rather posh name decribing the ghettos most notably a jamaican ghetto
instead of saying “mih come from the ghetto”

its “mih come from the garrison”

youve never been to the ghetto until you’ve been to the garrison.
he is a s-x god. he has an abnormally large p-n-s. hes not very smart and is looking to go basically no where in life. he is extremely tall and handsome. he has extreme s-x appeal and has an extreme jew fro. he is a total freak in bed. hes always attracted to brunettes, and is the best guy a girl could ask for. he has a great -ss. he’s very nice to any of his girlfriends but the crazy things he does endangers them. never drive with him. its very unsafe.
he was definitely a garrison.
a very intelligent young man, who somehow makes it impossible to have a boring day. i mean that in a bad way. he is constantly building you a wall of happiness, and tearing it down again, he manages to keep your affection by keeping the wall built over-night. he will drive crazy, and you don’t even know why. you don’t love him, he isn’t the lovable type. he is the “i want you to abuse me, and use me” type of guy. his intellect is of his most attractive qualities. sometimes you wonder if he even cares about you or not. it scares you, but what is he to you? some guy you don’t even know, and yet you are most happy when you are with him. he is cool, yet it’s not his looks that make him cool. his persona is one of the most tantalizing things you have ever experienced from a person.. most of the others are characters from some sort of book or movie. but garrison is real, which puts him into second place on your list. but he is first when it comes to how close you actually are to the person in question. he has the subtlety that is required in all s-xy personas, and he has the bluntness that is needed as well, he has timing, and he knows how to rip your heart out and sew it back up in a matter of minutes. the fact that he can control you like that scares you, but you also love it. you wonder if he is even doing it on purpose. you come back to the question does he care about you? does he even notice you? you hope not.
g-d some people can be such idiots.. why would people take bullsh-t like that? i’d never date a man like that.. and i would never consider him in bed. i need a real man.. someone like garrison!
garrison- a serious male who is politically defensive and opinionated.
a garrison is likely to get pulled over and then arrested for charges not -ssociated with traffic.

did you see that garrison’ he totally talked himself into that cop car
a mystical god-like man whose bodily fluids are said to be sweet and succulent. rumor is consuming a cryogenically frozen pint of garrison s-m-n will allow one to live with immunity.
anonymous lpo: hey dude i heard garrison has that sweet mecos.

anonymous man: i’m going to have to order some but there’s a waiting list on amazon as his mecos is a delicacy.

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