a b-sset hound that farts excessively.
dude, you ain’t got a b-sset, you got a g-sset. that motherf—er won’t stop farting. what are you feeding him? put it outside, fool.

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  • p*ss-sitter

    someone that sits down to pee. wtf dude, i aint no p-ss-sitter, i’m a typical male.

  • pirateye or pirate-eye

    the result of a male’s c-m shot into an open eye which causes the eye to shut hard. 1. when i shot my load at her, she got pirateye. 2. she walked around with pirateye all day.

  • ridin' solo

    a term used for masturbation made popular by jason derulo in his h-t single of the same name. yeah i’m feeling good tonight, finally doing me and it feels so right, oh… i’m putting on my shades to cover up my eyes because i’m ridin’ solo and i don’t want to go blind. being single. […]

  • rim

    to lick someone’s -n-s with your tongue. called “r-mm-ng” because it’s done around the rim of the -n-s. he chows down on my p-ssy all the time, but he’ll only rim me if i’ve just come out of the shower. the chief expenditure of african americans (according to chris rock) if we didn’t spend all […]

  • risky dice

    a game where a group or so gather and -ssign a dare/task to a number on a die. whoever rolls such picked number has to do the task. group of people are bored. person a: “who’s up for risky dice?” group: “why not!” person b: “whoever rolls a six has to take a shot of […]

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