a manufacturer of computers, notebooks, lcd and plasma televisions, portable music players, digital cameras, and video camcorders. known for its own brand of consumer electronics as well as its computers.
i just bought a new gateway 56-inch projection tv!
pot / marijuana dealer
in the movie hustle & flow: djay, a memphis hustler with a couple of fillies in his stable and a side business selling pot— “i’m gateway m-f-,” he says to a customer looking for harder drugs.
gateway computers.
a well-known computer company that is famous for their ‘cow-spotted’ boxes.
competes with: dell, hp/compaq, sony, and toshiba.
for more information, search ‘wikipedia’ for ‘gateway computer’
hailey: i got a gateway notebook computer for my birthday! it came in a cute spotted box!

chris: nice! i have a seven year old gateway desktop and it has been very reliable. i plan to purchase a gateway notebook sometime too!
a portal between two places or pieces of electronic equipment. has unfortunately been the name of a computer company who made excellent computers until the pentiums were launched.
a gateway is used to link a unix terminal to an iseries box.
another slang name used in lieu of the word “c-nt”, mainly used in the company of females and others as to not offend.
” that guy over there is a total gateway”
” check out that fat pig, you would need a crowbar to prior her gateway apart”

c-nt, gateway
see somerfield.

chain of uk supermarkets, changed name sometime around 1990.
that’s some cheap sh-t vino they got in gateways at the moment.
a fat cow of a woman, derived from the cow-patterned boxes that the gateway company uses. usually a harpy of a thing, that tries to ruin a man’s life and seperate him from his friends, hobbies and money.
no, man. i can’t hang out, gateway’s comin’ over.

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