there aren’t any definitions for gauti yet.

can you define it?

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  • transfuck

    someone who claims to be trans for attention d-ck hey! did you hear about that transf-ck donavan?

  • dam straight

    a phrase used to make a point proven or something shown in a clear way “those socks are yellow” “dam straight”

  • maddie abraham

    awesome youtuber dude, that youtuber maddie abraham is awesome.

  • tranny trolley

    when a load of tranny’s hop in a spray painted trolley. bro i just knicked a tranny trolley off him/her.

  • top stuff

    only doing s-xual things such as kissing and giving hickey’s and maybe getting down to a girls t-ts. but nothing lower. guy 1: bro i went to casey’s house yesterday. guy 2: for real bro.did you get some guy 1: nah bro just top stuff.

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