Gay max

an extreme form of h-m-s-xuality, this is the gayest you get.
origins from a poor gay boy named max.
“i found max having b-ttsechs with his uncle yesterday..”
“gay max?”
“you betcha”
to be gay, gay to the extreme
riding a bike with no pants on wearing a t-shirt saying “i love -n-s”
as gay as they come. the ultimate sign of gayness.

who ever knew an innocent computers cl-ss could create this saying
“man your gay max” the origan quote from a.r
the state of being nearly or as gay as gay max himself. if one of your friends does something so gay that you just have no insult that is appropriate, call them gay max.
“maaaaan your gay max!”
the vector description of maximum reachable gayhood/ness which is in exceedable by any amount of gayhood/gayneess whatsoever.
gay max is also a variable or variant, ppl can commit acts of gayness/hood and b called gay max for displaying extreme gayhood/ness with such acts, but others may commit less or more gay acts but still b called gay max, because infact, they hit the gay max limit at the given time.
(note:- as with all variables, two ppl cant b called gay max at the same time, unless they done the same exact thing)
syvoran , jus look at how gay this gay is, they dont get gayer than this, he’s gay max
1, maximun level of gayness reached. 2, ancient deity of h-m-s-xual atrraction. 3, outcome of a male fetus overloaded with amazing amounts of estrogen. 4. gayest thing ever. latin definition. cabritus marico maximus
¨gay max drinks the urine in the boys bathroom and is vegetarian¨
in having feelings for another person, a reported percentage (scale of 1-100, 100% being the highest possible rating) of said feelings; can be used synonmously with crush.
– a: “what’s your gaymax on her?”
b: “oh, somewhere between 75-80 percent.”
a: “wow! you must like her a lot!”

– “i say all these terrible things about him, but as soon as he calls, i get my gaymax on.”

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