abstaining form h-m-s-xual encounters
i slept with him last month before his g-ybriety.

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  • amandica

    the most loving person you will ever meet, very bad at spelling just like her mother, often called mandy for short and loves to have s-xual benefits. look at that booty i bets she an amandica

  • shneem

    the s-xual act of licking your partners -n-s whilst simultaneously penetrating the v-g-n- ‘doggy style’ norman’s back was particularly sore following a dirty shneem

  • skinny f*ggot

    someone who messes with a bong rip and makes them laugh skinny f-ggot: that’s a big rip man friend: shut the f-ck up you skinny f-ggot everyone: laughs

  • ceasia

    a wonderful friend to have that makes your day. even if you’re sad and also a person that has a large since of humor but acts slow sometimes. she got the ceasia

  • doomsday gene

    a cognitive personality disorder that causes a normally rational person to -ssume the worst possible case scenario until proven otherwise. “why doesn’t the client want me in the meeting? they must want me off the account! you know i have the doomsday gene.”

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