gaylord pierce

an insult for something or someone considered to be h-m-s-xual
look at that guy; he’s g-yl-rd pierce!

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    a double or higher chin. or a v-g-n- neck. our school attendance lady has a geege! look at it shake when she talks!

  • Geneboob

    is a large chested girl from oshawa, ontario who also has the name genevieve genevieve + large b–bs = geneb–b!!!!

  • genital sneeze

    c-mming inside someone or something, male -j-c-l-t–n, empty your b-lls, -rg-sm sorry for the genital sneeze i just left inside you, can i genitally sneeze on your face.

  • Gennibal

    woman who sucks genital so forcefully like a cannibal eats meat she is a gennibal. she almost chewed my d-ck.

  • Gerbil Tail

    when a woman has bush so hairy that its begins growing off her cl-t. suzie hasn’t shaved in months and is starting to a gerbil tail.

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