a person who is as gay as they are in the summer, as in the winter, a gay person perticularly when they are snowboarding. see the definition of “quimby”. if the quimby is the meat in the manwitch, the gayper are the surroundings. commonly characterized by their neon snow gear, and technine do-rag’s.
matt cova is a fapping gayper.
a man or woman who rapes someone of the same s-x or preys upon gays as his or her victims of rape.
“that guy’s not a raper, he’s a gayper, since he only targets men”
a person also known as a weekend warrior partic-p-ting in what is commonly called shred-sledding. also known to enjoy the sound of a nice shorn scr-t-m fapping on their chin, while being reamed from behind by their “buddy”.
ben johnston was definatly a gayper last night with a d-ck in his mouth and b-lls fapping on his chin with a bigger d-ck in his -ss….
an adjective describing a person, place, or thing to be intrinsically gay or have other f-g like qualities.
is he wearing a silk shirt? that is so totally gaypers.
someone who gets way too drunk and is repeatedly called gay until he forces himself on a girl to prove that he is not gay, but ends up not doing anything. not only making him gay, but also a raper ( aka gayper). the act can also be know as gayping.
man did you see gayper try and force himself on her!
man did you just gape that girl?
gay/per. n. pl. gaypers
1. a gay person. 2. tourists that come to your town and act a fool. 3. college student that atend college in a town that they are not from and pretend they run the show.
1. no i don’t want you to suck my d-ck you f-cking gayper! 2. look at all the gaypers. it must be summer. 3. davis in the fall is when the gaypers come.

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